We are The Fuhrl, a community of artists, musicians and writers, from Philadelphia, PA. The specific goal that catalyzed the formation of this community is a desire to encourage and support all forms of creative expression, specifically across disciplinary boundaries. In Philadelphia, we have initiated a series of multi-disciplinary showcases for local creative talent. Held at various venues throughout the city, these events serve to bring together multiple local bands, visual artists, poets, and performers, forging new connections between the various communities that support the featured artists. The showcases have been successful in exposing supporters of one form of art to several they may not have sought out otherwise, and encouraging collaboration across Philadelphia’s local creative community. We aim to extend this recipe for creative unity into other communities with our side project, Loki the Space Bus. Ultimately, we are working toward a long-term goal: to manifest a more physical creative platform in the form of a permanent communal living space, such as a farm or warehouse space, or both in symbiosis.



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Image5/ Wednesday, December 19 9pm-2am @Underground Arts

The Fuhrl Presents: An End of the World Party (Just in Case!)

The post apocalyptic dance party rager of the year is here! A post apocalpyse costume party? YES! Dress up as your favorite character from the post apocalypse! Or make up your own! It's a win win situation! There will be food, drinks, live art, poetry, and music. The world might end so let's go out with a bang! End of the world party! Just in case!

Left of Logic (
Vita and the Woolf (
Impressionist (
Ben the Brontosaurus (
Automoton (

Get Up Art
Black Ink
Juliana Noone
Julie Mallis
Pat Richmond

Kaley Iacovetta
Eric Sanderson
Lance Runge
Juan Vila

$5-10 sliding scale donation at the door.
the list of artists is likely to grow as we get closer to the event so keep checking back!


Image1/ Thursday, Febuary 16 7pm-2am @Little Bar

The Fuhrl Presents Streaks of Light/Left of Logic/Impressionist/Skytree

Hello all of you beautiful people. The Fuhrl has been having some issues lately. Mostly of separation anxiety. It's been a long long time since we've thrown anything together and for that we owe our greatest apologies. So in an attempt to make up for this gap in time we are throwing an event at Little Bar. It won't feature all of our typical frills(BOO) but everyone performing is of the highest caliber I can assure you of that. I would not miss this show if I were you...yeah I mean you...

The Spinning Leaves(
Streak's of Light(
Left of Logic(

$5-10 sliding scale donation at the door.
Occupy Vacant Lots/Philly Food Forests members RSVP at


Us Saturday, August 13 8:30pm-2am @The Bookspace

The Fuhrl Presents a Bon Voyage Westward, Ho! Bash

Come out, come out, for a night of ruckus and hooplah!
5- 10$ (pay what you can) ALL AGES!


As the lot of us are going to hop on a crazy red and silver bullet and ride it all the way across the country to start a West Coast Chapter of the Fuhrl, in order to fuhrther promote this concept of oneness that we have (hopefully) helped to instill in our beloved Philadelphia. So the idea is to throw a (certainly not final) banger to demonstrate just how well creative collaboration works in this town, and at the same time to pass the torch to all you cats who are stayin' and keeping the love rollin' [*crosses fingers*]). So bring back that fabulous energy, your favorite getups, and those groovy dancin' bones that have made all the other showcases so beautiful!

And don't worry we will return to you as soon as the sun comes back to bake our fine town out of wintery oblivion! Us fuhrlies require a minimum amount of Vitamin D in order to uphold our radness, in lieu we are traveling to where Vitamin D levels are high and we can maintain RADNESS.

If any of you awesomies want to really get involved with the East Coast Chapter, and keep throwing Philly' creative folks into the big melting pot with events like these, find Peter Pan at the party! Give her your digits and await her call...we need all the enthusiasm we can get and there will be several roles needing filling, yep yep!

The list of performers goes as follows:

Band Line-up:

The list of additional artists displaying and or performing their work:
Brian Ecklund (photography)
Angeline Nesbit (sculpture/costume)
Catherine Rahman (illustraion/printmaking)
Marah Carpenter (visual art)
Caitlan Lattimer(Poetry)
Gracie Gifford Miller (Poetry)
Leanne Grieger(Dance)
Julie Mallis(Visual Art/Video) (

Mary Wood(aerial acrobatics)

DJ's after 12:
Ghostfight (
Mjollnir (

Also there will be fire spinning throughout the night!


Image3 Sunday, July 17 7pm-2:30am @ The Bookspace

The Fuhrl Presents A Mid Summer Meltdown Showcase

Come one come all into a world of glee and wonder. We're going to take this whole thing to a whole 'nother level. This go around we're throwing it at the bookspace(FUCKYEAH!). As per usual there will be baller(of course) home made grub, live painting, and face painting ALL NIGHT! And we got the West Philadelphia Orchestra this time! Plus DJ's! Seriously if you have failed to attend all our previous showcases this is not the one to miss. We're blowing this thing up to epic proportions. Unforeseen radness is afoot my friends!

Starting at 7 we will have live bands, art, and poetry. Groove to the sounds of:

Monkee's Of Folk
Kickin' Bear (
Your Sister's Canary (
West Philadelphia Orchestra (

And then as night falls and the morning comes around the horizon(midnight) get your grime on to some seriously nastyr DJ's:

Michael Mythix(Pleasure Me/Refraktion)- Electro (
Ghost Fight(DirtyGirlBoner) - DRUMSTEP/Bit-Wave (
Dr. Ew(Future Thugs) - Dubstep/Hip-Hop (

Visual Artists: Maximiliana Eisenmann and John Souter
Poets:Brie Menut and Annabelle Buck

This one is sure to be a rager! Don't miss it!

As usual $5-10 sliding scale donation at the door! BYOB


Image4 Saturday, June 4 2pm-12am @philaMOCA

The Fuhrl Presents: a "HELLO, SUMMER!" Showcase

Swing into the summertime vibes with The Fuhrl ( or and allow us to present to you a bounty, plethora, CORNUCOPIA (if you will) of local creative talent. We'll provide indoor and outdoor entertainment all afternoon, including:

acoustic sets(OUTSIDE! WOOOOOOWWW!!!Sunlight MAN!) by Cricket Joe, Luke Topping, Bri Bird and Rabbit
poetry readings by Jason Wong-Shin and more TBA
live painting and collage by Kerdieekrdaad (Bri and Jackie) and Rabbit
the artistic wonders of Sophie Strachan and Jon Swartz

our food to nourish and sustain you, and we welcome any potluck-style donations (if you make baller grub, and you feel like sharing it, bring some with you!) BYO

Then we'll say hasta luego to el sol, and get our bodies moving to the tunes of...


....and all you experienced fuhrl fans remember how the last night ended, right? Anything can happen...

STAY TUNED for more activities and artists we might just decide to slip in before the big day!!!

$5-10 sliding scale donation at the door.


Sunday, March 20 6pm-12am @philaMOCA

Enter The Fuhrl Launch Party

Come hither into the great amorphous infinity, the cosmic pool from which our creative energies dance like fireflies inside of the energicane from which spews a torrential downpour of art, music, and writing.
Come look, listen, and eat, meanwhile being smothered in mirth blankets so large you couldn't shake a lambs tail at it if you had one.
This is going to be a good one guys so don't miss it.

$5-10 Suggested donation at the door. Includes a four course meal.


Hello Creature(
Your Electric Instinct
Alright, Dude.

Visual Artists:
Brit Brennan(
KERDIEEKRDAAD=Brianna Barton + Jacqueline Maloney
Juliana Lyn Noone

Kaley Iacovetta
Tony Rossi
Rosie Rae

VJ Oro Solido will be holding down extra visual stimulus' on a 23 foot projection screen.

Be prepared for an epic audio/visual/edible experience everyone!

Who is The Fuhrl you might ask? The Fuhrl wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the contributions made by the following groups and individuals: